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  • THE Old Gold Alpha Phi Alpha Blazer

    $175.00$180.00 $99.00


    THE Old Gold Alpha Phi Alpha Blazer

    $175.00$180.00 $99.00

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    THE Old Gold Alpha Phi Alpha Blazer

    (If your size is out of stock, please call 972-793-0582 to special order your gold blazer as some special sizes wont be kept in stock)

    Jacket Details:

    • 70/30 Year Round Worsted Wool/Poly Blend in Old Gold
    • Traditional 2 Button in Classic Fit Cut
    • Alpha Shield on Main Buttons
    • Alpha Phi Alpha Greek Letters on Sleeve Buttons
    • Alpha Phi Alpha Greek Letter Lapel Tonal Embroidery
    • Embroidered Alpha Shield
    • Black Lining with Old Gold Stripes

    Note: No Tie is offered as part of the jacket purchase. Ties and Bow Ties sold seperately 



    OldGold2Blaz36REG-36 Regular 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz36SHORT-36 Short 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz36LONG -36 Long 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz38REG-38 Regular 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz38SHORT-38 Short 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz38LONG -38 Long 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz40REG-40 Regular 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz40LONG -40 Long 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz40XLONG-40 Xlong 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz40SHORT-40 Short 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz42REG-42 Reg 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz42LONG-42 Long 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz42XLONG-42 Xlong 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz42SHORT-42 Short 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz44REG-44 Regular 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz44LONG -44 Long 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz44XLONG-44 Xlong 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz44SHORT-44 Short 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz46REG-46 Regular 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz46LONG -46 Long 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz46XLONG-46 Xlong 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz46SHORT-46 Short 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz48REG-48 Regular 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz48LONG -48 Long 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz48XLONG-48 Xlong 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz48SHORT-48 Short 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz50REG-50 Regular 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz50LONG-50 Long 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz50XLONG-50 XLong 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz50SHORT-50 Short 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz52REG-52 Regular 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz52LONG -52 Long 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz52XLONG-52 Xlong 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz52SHORT-52 Short 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz54REG-54 Regular 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz54LONG -54 Long 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz54XLONG-54 Xlong 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz54SHORT-54 Short 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz56REG-56 Regular 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz56LONG -56 Long 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz56XLONG-56 Xlong 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz56SHORT-56 Short 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz58REG-58 Regular 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz58LONG -58 Long 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz58XLONG-58 Xlong 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz58SHORT-58 Short 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz60REG-60 Regular 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz60LONG -60 Long 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz60XLONG-60 Xlong 2 Button, OldGold2Blaz60SHORT-60 Short 2 Button


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