For the Men of Distinction,



SHOP1906 by Realgreek Apparel was created to provide the men of AΦA with their own web portal to shop for professional and distinguished apparel and accessories.

The Official Alpha Phi Alpha Black Blazer can now be purchased exclusively through

Additional items in the near future for AΦA through include but not limited to;

  • THE highly requested OLD GOLD Blazer
  • Alpha Leather, luggage, travel and gift accessories to include briefcases, desk sets, wallets, shave kits and messenger bags
  • New designer ties, bow ties and pocket squares
  • Additional accessories every Alpha man needs.

The Oldest and the Coldest has established its reputation for being Men of Distinction for well over 100 years and SHOP1906.COM will preserve that legacy through its product offering to the men of AΦA

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